July 13, 2024


For Enterprise and Team users, memory can be useful when using ChatGPT for work. It can learn your style and preferences, and build upon past interactions. This saves you time and leads to more relevant and insightful responses. For example:

  • ChatGPT can remember your tone, voice, and format preferences, and automatically apply them to blog post drafts without needing repetition.
  • When coding, you tell ChatGPT your programming language and frameworks. It can remember these preferences for subsequent tasks, streamlining the process.
  • For monthly business reviews, you securely upload your data to ChatGPT and it creates your preferred charts with three takeaways each.

As with any ChatGPT feature, you’re in control of your organization’s data. Memories and any other information on your workspace are excluded from training our models. Users have control on how and when their memories are used in chats. In addition, Enterprise account owners can turn memory off for their organization at any time.

Enterprise and Team users will have access to memory as part of our wider rollout.


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