May 26, 2024


OpenAI Codex, a natural language-to-code system based on GPT-3, helps turn simple English instructions into over a dozen popular coding languages. Codex was released last August through our API and is the principal building block of GitHub Copilot.

Our motivation behind Codex is to supplement developers’ work and increase productivity. Codex helps computers to better understand people’s intent, which enables everyone to do more with computers. This is an integral part of our mission to build general-purpose AI that benefits all of humanity.

For enterprise customers, Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service provides developers with access to Codex and our other models, like GPT-3 and embeddings, along with enterprise-grade capabilities that are built into Microsoft Azure. At its Build conference today, Microsoft announced that Azure OpenAI Service—previously available by invitation only—is now available in a limited access preview. We’re already seeing new applications of Azure OpenAI Service across many industry verticals, from healthcare to financial services.


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