May 26, 2024


We recognize that identifying AI-written text has been an important point of discussion among educators, and equally important is recognizing the limits and impacts of AI generated text classifiers in the classroom. We have developed a preliminary resource on the use of ChatGPT for educators, which outlines some of the uses and associated limitations and considerations. While this resource is focused on educators, we expect our classifier and associated classifier tools to have an impact on journalists, mis/dis-information researchers, and other groups.

We are engaging with educators in the United States to learn what they are seeing in their classrooms and to discuss ChatGPT’s capabilities and limitations, and we will continue to broaden our outreach as we learn. These are important conversations to have as part of our mission is to deploy large language models safely, in direct contact with affected communities.

If you’re directly impacted by these issues (including but not limited to teachers, administrators, parents, students, and education service providers), please provide us with feedback using this form. Direct feedback on the preliminary resource is helpful, and we also welcome any resources that educators are developing or have found helpful (e.g., course guidelines, honor code and policy updates, interactive tools, AI literacy programs).


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